Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i love this, that and.....

Haven't posted much this year! :( Promise.. I will have so much to share in the next months! But just until I get a few things in order, I will share with you few things I am loving at this minute!

The Sewing Basket Kids Apron from Anthropologie

Free Goodie Bag Template by Twig and Thistle

Onesies by luvmylolly

These are too cute!


{Artsy Tartsy Jewels} said...

What an adorable onesie! (spelling?)

AManygoats said...

We should have a onesie making party. You know, invite everyone to make one, tye dye, iron ons whatever... i found this book on how to transform ordinary onesies into one of a kind fun onesies.